The Evolution of Mobile Security Strategy

Written May 08, 2013 by Doug Krueger

The evidence is incontrovertible: federal government agency workers are embracing mobile devices in the work place. For your IT team this introduces a whole new set of challenges focused on how to protect a network that was once located inside the four walls of your agency building, but that is now on the move from Fairfax to Bethesda, from IAD to SFO, and from NW to SE.

The rapid adoption of mobile technology and its success at increasing productivity and agency responsiveness means that your IT team needs to really understand what it takes to provide security for a network on the go.  Sasi Murthy, Senior Direct of Product Marketing at Blue Coat Systems, has some reassuring news.  While the mobile environment does present many unique challenges, the patterns of malware evolution that Blue Coat is seeing across its user network indicate that we’ve seen many of these attacks before and that mobile malware, in many respects, is a return to the classics.

Take a look at the video below to see what Sasi means by this, and her recommendations for thwarting malware that’s designed to infiltrate your mobile network.

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